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Health & Fitness In Cleveland

to learn more As Valentines Day approaches, finding fun, romantic and unique activities to do more information with a partner or by oneself can put pressure on a romantic. Here are three Valentines Day activities in... 7 Mistakes dieters make February 2, 2014 "Eat healthy foods and exercise". It is very likely that you have heard this advice many times before. As a dieter, do you know what youre supposed to do to succeed? What about... Dont Punish or Reward Children with Food January 31, 2014 As the waves of childhood obesity still wash over our children, a fundamental lesson all parents, caregivers and adults in constant contact with children can learn is: you can NEVER punish or reward children with food. It can quickly and... February 7 is Go Red for Women Day January 30, 2014 February 7 is Go Red for Women Day sponsored by the American Heart Association.
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